Charles A. Marcoux was born on March 26, 1919 in Saginaw, Michigan. He married Margaret Marie Halstead (1934-1997?) on September 23, 1939. They had five children while living in the Flint-Saginaw area. They moved to Chicago in [date]. On a snowy, New Year's Eve day in 1957, Marcoux and his family set off for Phoenix, Arizona. It was on that drive that  he had his first encounter with the Superstition Mountains. From his book, I Search for the Portals:

For some unknown reason, I decided to take a route through the Salt River Canyon, in Arizona, instead of going by way of Flagstaff, Az.. This route has winding roads on high mountains, and we, occasionally, ran into snow on the highway. We stopped for food in Globe, Az., before the final last step to Phoenix. As I passed through a town called Superior, it was then that I began to sense some form of thought drawing my attention toward those mountains to the west of me. Continuing toward Phoenix, I became extremely attracted to those mountains, and I saw a sign that pointed to them. It was, now, Jan. 3, '58, and I was having my first encounter with the well-known Superstition Mountains.

Marcoux would spend the next 20 years using much of his free time exploring the Superstition Mountains and other areas of Arizona.

Getting in with Palmer/Shaver.

Left first wife, married Lorene [maiden name] on [date].

His last push to find the hidden cavern world began in 1980 when he received a document referred to as the Wight Manuscript. Written by hollow-earth skeptic George D. Wight, it tells of a week-long exploration of the Blowing Cavern near Cushman, Arkansas in which Wight and his companions stumble upon a set of steps several miles below the surface that lead to a constructed tunnel that glowed with a luminous green light. Marcoux moved to Cushman in 1983 and began exploring the cave. On September 1st, 1983, he was attacked by a swarm of yellow jackets near the cave entrance and died from the resulting fatal heart attack.

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