I Search for the Portals

Before getting into the book itself, I wanted to make some brief comments on how I went about this project. I worked from a copy of the book that was sent to me by Uncle Charlie's second wife, Lorene. She also sent me several loose pages that appear to have been from different printings of the book. I've tried to incorporate everything, hence some of the photo pages will be duplicated. 

I originally tried to scan and OCR the text, but the clean-up required was more work than it was worth. I ended up just typing it all into a Notepad document, then cutting and pasting it all here. When I first began the typing, I was correcting the (rare) typo's and/or misspellings in the original, then I changed my mind. Those typo's, to me at least, are as much a part of Uncle Charlie's work as everything else, so I decided to leave them in. To distinguish them from my own fat-fingering, I have marked them with a †. Unmarked typo's are my own; please let me know about them and I will correct them. 

The numbers in brackets are the page numbers, with horizontal rules designating page breaks. I had considered leaving them out, but Uncle Charlie makes reference to them in the text, so I incorporated them as well. It appears that pages were added at some point; some of these are given number-letter page designations (ie. 3A), others simply have no page numbers. There are even a couple places that page numbers appear to have been skipped. Again, as much as possible, I've simply left things as they were in the original.

One of the pages of photos in the book that Lorene sent me had hand-written notes. I'm not sure if those were made by Uncle Charlie or Lorene. Initially, I assumed the latter, but after comparing them to other samples I have of Lorene's handwriting, I'm not so sure. In any case, I made no attempt to "fix" those photos and simply scanned them as is.

And finally, thanks to Richard Toronto and the numerous other people who have helped me in so many ways as I rediscover my Uncle Charlie's life. Without all of you, his life after he divorced my Aunt Marie would have remained forever a mystery to myself and my family.

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Some people seem to be born with a silver spoon in their mouth, and they go through life with a "Midas" touch, because everything they see and desire appears to be handed to them upon a golden platter. Yet, for the most part, people live a life where they only have the ability to supply their very meager daily needs. It seems that most live from paycheck to paycheck, from one debt to another debt, and from one situation to another situation. While the rich reap ever more wealth, the poor get poorer, only due to circumstances of their birth.

Still, both classes, the rich and the poor, are imprisoned by their fears and are fighting for a bone. Both classes are losers, and they do not really gain or profit from the wealth of this nation. They both lack spiritual substance, for they are too busy fighting for the almighty dollar and will never find peace and happiness on that level of consciousness, not until they learn to give up their ideas that wealth is the only means for security. Security only comes from each person's own inner spiritual soul expression and not from any other source whatsoever. Peace will come on this earth on the day when man joins hands together and brings into existence the "brotherhood of man" and the exit of the almighty "Red Dragon."

Each person is born with inalienable rights and individual gifts and talents to express during the course of their lives. However, men seldom comprehend their own power and the gifts which they have, nor know how to judge it, express it or put it to use. Worse yet, too many never have reached an attunement of their mind, soul and spirit, and the ALL-presence of the Godhead. Still, there are some that do have a special "MIDAS TOUCH" and are gifted with a golden spoon, not to turn it into material wealth and gold, but to put into use their golden touch of spiritual understanding and to express and present their gifts to the "unfortunate" people who need to benefit from it.

Too many fear the so-called "UNKNOWN" and the gifts from the "HIDDEN WORLDS", and they, ignorantly, proceed to destroy those that are there to be of benefit to them. Many past prophets have been stoned to death because the people feared them, or, worse yet, they did not want to give up the physical desires of the flesh that the prophets indicated they should. Jesus was the victim of the Jew's so-called peers who stoned and crucified him. Today, People are still crucifying jesus† every year on the so-called "Good Friday". Also, even today, the "inquisition" persists against the unknown, and the dark ages is not over, yet.

In 1912 AD, the Aquarian Age became official as Uranus entered the Sun (spirit) with Aquarius and the birth of "children of light" began. These Sons of the Sun started to be born upon this earth, and it was incorporated into their consciousness to know the presence of the All-spirit within and about them. Three spirit guardians come along with each one of them to protect and assist the child


in order to present proof that the Godhead will bring His kingdom on earth and to give proof of His power over men.

Just as John, the Baptist, came first to pave the way for Jesus, so it is with these newborn "gifted" children who are being prepared to pave the way for the coming of the "Son of Man", and they are as a witness to the power of the "ALL-PRESENCE" before the "coming". No power of the "red dragon" can stop the power of the Creator, All-presence, and the Archangels in their Chariots of fire. The fireships, engulfed with the "Golden Fleece", will set and establish their ships on this earth. They will put up an interdimensional force field over those children that have chosen to be a servant of the great Creator. The Red Dragon and their "yes men" will do all they can to destroy these children and those that choose to follow the "voice". The "children of light" will not die before they have fulfilled their mission on earth, and, then, they will be "taken up" in a ship of fire, enclosed with a golden fleece, to the resurrection and Paradise.

As for myself, getting involved with the "hidden world" began when I was born in to this world completely aware of entering into the physical body and in being in attunement with my mother's thoughts. I have had astral experiences from that very day to this one, the very moment that I write this. I had my first traumatic vision when I was learning to walk, and I "knew" things since early childhood. My "knowing" things caused my mother to often take me to the Priest, and he would make me say a few rosaries to rid me of the things I told my mother about. At this point in time, I can't remember all the things I had told her. Surprisingly, my parents even told of strange tales and experiences that they knew about or had seen. That may be the reason she took me to the Priest, and, most likely, it was to exorcise me (ha, a joke). Among my relatives, I had an aunt who was born with a veil, and she could see and tell things, also. Beside, I had other relatives that could read "tea leaves", too.

In January of 1945, I got acquainted with Ray Palmer and his various publications, founder of the present Palmer Publications. I, also, got acquainted with the writings of Richard S. Shaver. These two people did a great deal to change my life. What these two men presented resulted in verifying what I already knew and added new information and ideas, as well as helping me to comprehend what I had been experiencing all my life, up to that point. To these two men, I am indebted for stimulating my thinking process, and to RAP for later publishing a book called "Oahspe" which I had not read until recently. Although, Palmer and Shaver played their part in my life, the greatest part comes from the three guardians that led me into strange places and experiences. They, in their own way, led me to find Palmer and his publications, as well as taking me to Arizona and the mysterious Superstition mountains, whose shadows hover over Apache Junction, Arizona.

There are many people that come to the Superstition mountains to search for the Lost Dutchman Mine and the Peralta Treasures that


supposedly exist somewhere in the Supersition Wilderness areas. Some of these people even commit murder for something that may, or may not, even exist any more. Some time around 1895-99 AD, there was an earthquake that went from Tucson and Mt. Lemon to somewhere in the Superstition Mountains. Most likely, this earthquake might have destroyed and covered up the so-called Dutchman Mine and the Peralta Treasures. Just a few weeks ago, an elderly man was shot beside his trailer, in this area. For what and why? Remember, I come into these mountains to shoot with my camera, not a gun, so it may just be me that you will see. So, put away your guns and shake hands. Besides, maybe I could have shot a couple of pictures of you for some possible future book of mine.

When you come, here, to these mountains, be sure that you come with water, not booze or beer. When you come into the desert, be sure that you come prepared with the proper supplies to survive. Some of my readers may be searching for some entrances to the "underworld" or the ancient "Elder World". If you are, then be aware that I have given enough information on where to look and find the "EXIT" and "ENTRANCE" portals. Be assured, though, that you will not find it, even though you may be standing right on top of a portal, unless you have ESP abilities, the know-all of psychic ability. Even then, you may get more than you bargain for - I do not warn, I only tell you. It is up to you to use common sense and good logic, for I have presented the proof and where the ancient elder world can be entered into. You might never get back, if you did enter, but you may get back, if you are able to "find" the way back. However there is always one, once in a while, that can come and go as they please, with the right kind of guidance.

To the treasure hunters and those that look for the heart of the treasures, look at the Mormon Flats and the Canyon Lake area. Certainly, one of my pictures shows where the heart is at. It definitely helps the treasure hunters, if they can use some ESP and know how to "exorcise" ghost and spirit earth-bound entities that protect treasures. These spirits do exist and can do strange things to effect a person's thinking, making you get lost, or causing someone to suddenly shoot you, for no apparent reason.

I could write a hundred books on my hundreds of experiences, happening from Michigan to California, but I don't have time to do so, nor the finances. What I have presented in this book in true, as well as I am able to write of my experiences, and I only wish I could tell you more. But, I assure you that I have presented the evidence to you, and the treasure hunter can get a different view about their search, if they use some logic, give up some old notions and ideas, and have respect for the "UNKNOWN WORLD". Remember, the earth-bound spirits can be "released" from their prison, if you know how, and it opens the way to find these treasures. For those seeking the "Elder World", the same method goes for them, also. Be cautious, respect the ghosts, spirits, and some of the underworld beings that live in the abode of the THUNDER GOD, for he and his descendants, do protect this land. So, respect all the unknown world that is around, under and above.



The Author: This picture was taken on my 61st birthday, March 26, '80. On my left is my wife, Lorene, who is much more attractive than me...I think? Lorene has her own psychic abilities, different than mine but similar in some ways, in the sense that she has dreams and forms of prophecies. I taught her how to apply them for giving public "message" demonstrations. Therefore, the two of us make a team, and she shares many of my wild, incredible experiences. If this picture of us was in the original color, you would see the red fire-light coming out of her eyes. You'll see that my forehead is highly expressed over my eyes, especially in the "psychic eye" area. From the psychic eye, my forehead slants in a backward flow, causing pressure in the psychic areas of my forehead and at the back of my neck. The physical structure of my head was intentionally created this way by the unseen ones (guides) so that my psychic centers could open different cellular structures and produce certain types of psychic demonstrations, such as my paranormal photography, visions, etc., too many to mention here.

Black Mountain: Two pictures have been inserted in the book that need to be explained. Picture #11A is shown on page 39 and was taken on Feb. 14, 1977 around 3:00 PM at the base of Black Mountain, where the symbols are shown in Picture #11, taken in Nov. of 1980. I was sitting on a large rock, just below the symbols and about where you see me standing in picture #11. As usual, I got an impression to have Lorene take a picture of me, and you can see a "face" just above my head, and on the right side of my head and shoulder is a large circle of light. In it and all around me are more faces, to show that the cavern world of the Thunder-God gives me a form of protection and guidance. In this area, and nearby, is an interdimensional opening (entrance), a place where you are "EN-TRANCED" into the hidden world, or underworld. You cannot get in unless you are placed into a "TRANCE STATE" by slowing down your physical vibrations and raising up your spiritual, or psychic, mental attunements. Being very "still" raises the vibrational rates of all your psychic centers into a oneness. Then you can walk right into another dimension, another world of some of the caverns of the Elders. Your physical self becomes semi-physical, and you can walk right into the Hidden Worlds.

Parade: The next picture shows a parade in Wickenburg, AZ., taken on Feb. 9, '80, around 11:30 AM. Many want to believe this picture was taken into the sun and is not important. Yet, here is incredible proof that saucers do exist, and they have distorted the left half of the picture, not the sun. The "RAYS" of the UFOs create certain effects on film like this. Look closer at the man sitting on the horse. I suggest you take a magnifying glass and examine the horse's head. The neck is too large, and the head is completely separated from the neck. Did I move the camera and cause that? No way. Look at the flag, the building and the man on the horse; they are not distorted in any way, whatsoever. This is definite proof that UFOs caused the "light" effect upon that picture and upon hundreds of others I have.

Note: Rays also come from the cavern world and distort your pictures, which is telling you that you are near an ENTRANCE. I wonder how many pictures you have thrown away, after you were made to believe, by the film developer, that you weren't using your camera properly!

[Caption: THE LEGEND There stood the Magicians upon the Superstition Mountains. Three times they held back the flooding waters. Seeing that the flood was inevitable, they inscribed records upon the walls of the Superstition Mountains, so that all future men will wonder and remember the Magi who await the return of the Gods. They retreated to deep caverns, for their descendentsto survive, and the Magicians turned themselves into stone as guards. The Thundergod is the protector of this land and gives warning to all intruders. When you see the "lightening" and hear my "thunder", beware, for I come quickly.]



On New Year's Eve, we had our car all packed and drove out of the driveway, heading for Arizona. I remember it well; the temperature was five degrees below zero, and snow was up over the hub caps of the car as I swerved onto the slippery road, and we gave Chicago a "goodby". Even thought it was cold outside, the car was warm. As my family of young indians† settled down for the long trip, I visualized the routes that I would take to reach the southwestern sunshine.

It was New Year's Day before I crossed the Mississippi River and entered St. Louis and headed for a service station. The sun was not up, yet, but it was beginning to get light, and since it was a holiday, I had to search for a service station that was open. The attendant directed us to a restaurant that was open, and we proceeded on our trip. The weather was delightfully near seventy degrees at Tulsa where we serviced the car, again, and had lunch. I visited Victor C. Johnston in Oklahoma city for a few hours, discussing some future plans to locate the portals to the underworld. It was near 5:00 PM before I finally headed for Arizona, again. The trip was uneventful, but as we crossed the panhandle of Texas, into New Mexico, it was down-right cold!

For some unknown reason, I decided to take a route through the Salt River Canyon, in Arizona, instead of going by way of Flagstaff, Az.. This route has winding roads on high mountains, and we, occasionally, ran into snow on the highway. We stopped for food in Globe, Az., before the final last step to Phoenix. As I passed through a town called Superior, it was then that I began to sense some form of thought drawing my attention toward those mountains to the west of me. Continuing toward Phoenix, I became extremely attracted to those mountains, and I saw a sign that pointed to them. It was, now, Jan. 3, '58, and I was having my first encounter with the well-known Superstition Mountains.


Soon after I had gotten settled down in Phoenix, I got in touch with a friend, whose parents were well-versed with information concerning the Superstition Mts., and they took me up there where we spent several hours exploring various areas of interest. It seems that my friend's grandfather was a part owner of the Vulture Mine near Wickenburg, Az., and his father was interested in mining, gold and treasures of the Peralta. It is believed that the Peraltas had stashed away much of their gold somewhere in the Superstition Wilderness areas. So, this became my introduction to treasure stories, and it led me to read various magazines, such as Western Treasure, Western Frontier and others which are, now, mostly out of existence. I joined a treasure club in Texas, a zine that published monthly, and it brought forth much information that gave me leads to the "Elder World". I discovered that these magazines contained a store of information left by old prospectors, miners, frontiersmen and pioneers. By apply my psychic abilities, it opened the way to find the "Portals".


I became involved with several people who were interested in the treasures that were searched for by the Spaniards, such as Coronado and the Jesuit Priest, Friar De Marco, who searched for the lost seven cities of Cibola, cities of gold, which are known as "El Dorado" by the South American Indians. One of my best sources of information was a friend in Olkahoma city† who had discovered some symbols in documents uncovered in Mexico City. These symbols related a story of how Coronado had searched for, and found, a "Fountain of Youth" in a place called the Florida Mountains which are near Deming, New Mexico. From my own explorations, and other sources, I discovered some symbols in the Blue Range Wilderness of Arizona which showed an entrance to the Elder World, there, and in another area south of the border, in Mexico.


Sometime in January of that same year, '58, I made my first venture into the Superstition Mountains, taking my teenage son with me to the Peralta Trail. During the evening, after the sun had set, I took my camera and walked a short distance to Carney Springs camping grounds. I, suddenly, became aware of what looked like several lanterns moving very rapidly about on the side of the mountain. It was just like games being played, going from one range to another, but they were moving too fast over the face of verticle†cliffs to be carried by human beings. Using flashbulbs, I took three pictures of the strange light movements, as I thought it would give me something to study, but the pictures showed nothing after they were developed.


The lights halted, after I had taken these three pictures, and they started to come toward me. It appeared that my flashbulbs must have drawn their attention. Perhaps, the flashbulbs appeared to be a "signal", and they were coming to investigate. At this time, two men unexpectedly appeared from out of the dark. They were about five feet tall, or less, about 110 pounds, and had dark skin with the texture of leather. Both carried a machete, and they came toward us. So, we didn't hesitate to return to my car and leave - pronto!

It is over eight miles of rugged, snake-like desert road from Carney Springs to the highway. I hadn't gone more than a couple of miles when the car just went dead. However, I was going fast enough to be able to get it started, again, by putting it in low gear, but this happened two more times in the next half-mile or so. Then, I came to an area of the road which was clear on both sides when I noticed telephone wires running right across the windshield of my car. Immediately, I realized that there weren't any wires in this area, but these wires were flashing with a shooting off of blue, steely rays all over the car. As I swerved my car, I hollered, "Look out for those wires!" Immediately, I stopped, got out of my car and looked around. All over the car and on the ground, nearby, were what looked like spider webs, but they were as thick as package string, very sturdy and tasteless. I collected some of it and, later, sent a small bottle of the stuff to a saucer club in Saginaw, Michigan. I can only assume that it was a spiritual sub-


stance sometimes called "angel hair".


I got back into the car and continued to head for the highway that goes to Apache Junction, Az. As I got to the pavement, I decided to wait on the other side where there is a pull-off area with a monument in regard to the legendary Superstition Mountains. I wanted to see if these two little men were really following me or if it was just a coincidence.

Well, it certainly was not a coincidence, for as I sat there by the monument, with my motor running, they came across the road and made it a point to pull their '52 Mercury right in front of my car. My son became scared, but I felt impassive as they got out of their car. They headed directly for us, still carrying a three-foot machete in their hands. Deliberately and determinedly, they stood in front of the headlights of my car with a very threatening appearance. I surely didn't need encouragement to get out of there. I put the car in gear, spun my wheels, causing a cloud of dust to cover them as my tires squealed onto the highway, and I drove pell-mell toward Apache Junction.

Closer to Apache Junction is a 24-hour gas station and restaurant, called Sand Tanks, and I decided to stop there, parking my car behind the restaurant. It didn't take very long before this same car came zooming down the highway, going right past where we were. There is no way, at this time, to determine whether they really intended to kill us or only to scare us. At any rate, one had better be cautious, rather than sorry.


Late in May, of 1958, I decided to spend a few days in the Superstition Mountains, planning to explore along the trail that leads up to Miner Needle, after hearing a voice within, that had instructed me to come alone. After work, on Friday, I got my gear together and left Phoenix around 7:00 PM. This gave me about two days to spend exploring and meditating in these mysterious mountains, seeking out the "entrances" to the Ancient Elder World and whatever other evidence that I might find.

After arriving in the Superstitions, I parked my car by a fence which is near to the former Barkley's ranch. I hiked down the road and trail that led from Barkley's, and I headed toward a small hill which I used as a point from which to camp and analyze what course to take to reach Miner Needle and return. This hill was about 1 1/2 mile from where Cavey's headless body was found years before, but I gave it no thought, for I was sure that the "voice" would direct me in a way that no harm would come to me.

Previously, I had made a device which would rotate in the wind and reflect the sun. I put it on the top of this hill where I could see it from a long distance. Also, I used it as a means of location. It was 11:00 PM by the time I had gotten this device set up.


Then, I headed toward a corral where a trail ran along a fence of this corral. To the left of me, in the distance, was the Superstition Mountains. There was a full moon, and I didn't need a flashlight, since the trail was clear and the fence made a good point of observation as I headed toward Miner Needle. It wasn't too long before the trail faded out. Brushes obscured the way, and, as I searched in the area, it seemed that the trail had just come to an end. So, I began to backtrack, to see if I had missed the right trail, because the cattle have their trails, also, and I could have gotten lost in the maze of trails.

Suddenly, as I searched farther back along this trail, there was a large orange-colored ball, or globe, that came floating down the valley. I was startled and looked back to my left where I knew that I had last seen the moon, and it was still in the same place. At first, it was as if my mind was playing tricks on me, but the moon was where I remembered it to be. Looking back, again, to the right, was what looked like a second moon gliding along the top of the Superstition Mountains where Cavey's old trail went. It just seemed to be moving around twenty miles per hour, easily, without any obstruction, and it actually merged, or entered, right into the mountains. I had my camera with me, but I was unable to take a picture, for it came too quickly and unexpectedly. It had come from the direction of Miner Needle, floated down this valley and entered right into the mountains. I have been on this trail, since, but I have not been able to find the exact spot, again.


After seeing the second moon, or globe, I decided to return on a trail where there is a wash that runs up to the Superstition Mts. (and Cavey trail), and I tried to follow this wash, hoping that it might lead me to the place in the mountain where the "moon" entered into it. I followed the wash which was anywhere from six to ten feet wide, and after I had walked for several minutes, suddenly, I got a strange "still" feeling. Then, at the same time, substances came up out of the ground and formed a circle of light around me, about twelve feet across. This light appeared to be like smoke or ectoplasm. It moved counter clockwise, with small globes of sparkling variated colors which popped and shooted outward in various directions. Also, I became fully aware that I couldn't move in any direction except backwards. The "voice" impressed me to go back, return to the hill, for they had just given me the evidence that they, the "voice", do exist and the Elders are there.

Although I say that I hear the "voice", it is more like a deep-rooted impression in my mind (ESP), and it is not at all like a physical voice. I returned to my camp, as instructed, but I had a strong feeling of being watched all that night.


In the past, I had visited with Barney Bernard, former owner of Rancho Del Superstition, Apache Junction, Arizona. He is, now,



deceased and not to be confused with Raymond W. Bernard of Joinville, Brazil. Barney told Riley Crabb and me that Apache Indians still live in the Superstition Wilderness, and they control these areas. I have, personally, seen and talked with these Indians along the Peralta trails that go to Weaver's Needle Mountain, as well as the Reavis trail. It appears to me, from my conversations with them, that they are unassuming people who do not care to make themselves obvious. One outstanding thing about them was that they wanted matches, but they shun cigarettes and don't wish to accept anything else from the white race.

Richard S. Shaver said that the Red Leagions (Indians) control the caverns of the Southwest. The Indians, themselves, speak of the Black Legion of the underworld, too. Then, the Hopi say that there was a big war in the underworld, and the "Spider Woman", called the grandmother, took them up to the surface, somewhere along the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon.

Are the Apache really the "GUARDIANS" that are known as the "SHEPHERDS", in the Superstition Mountains? Also, were the "wires" that I saw actually ionized "rays" from the Caverns, or were they wires from UFO's?

After spending twenty-three years exploring in these areas, I feel, without a doubt, I have brought forth evidence of the Elder World, an "entrance", and a UFO base, where UFO work hand in hand, together, in this mysterious areas of the Superstition Mountains.



"The Wheel"

In April of 1959, I had a vacation and went to Portal, Arizona. Along with me on this vacation was my son and Lee Summers, a retired deputy sheriff from Holbrook, Az. Portal, Az. is located near Rodeo, New Mexico, and is on highway U.S. #80 that goes to Douglas, Az.

We were camping in the Coronado National Forest area of Portal, Az., when I suddenly got a strong urge to go to the small town of Rodeo, New Mexico, to get some supplies (a distance of about nine miles). We didn't really need anything, in particular, but I felt tense and had this urge, or inspiration, to go to Rodeo.

We passed three fences, about a half-mile apart, on the way out. After going about a hundred yards past the third fence, I noticed a huge shadow falling on the contour of the ground. Quickly stopping the car, I got out to try and determine what was causing this shadow. When I first stepped out, I was fully aware of a "tingling" that felt like the hair was being raised up on my neck and head. I, then received a mental (psychic) communication, which told me to photograph this shadow. So, I did. Later, when the film was developed, the pictures turned out to be overexposed and showed nothing of value. At this date in time, I am aware of the reason why the pictures were overexposed.

Because I have no photograph of the shadow, I am presenting a drawing, as I saw it. It appears to be a "wheel", which is round in shape, with a huge dome-shape hub that has four spokes running out to the large outer rim of the wheel.

As I looked, the shadow was moving along the ground very slowly. The shadow crossed right over U.S. #80 (and Rodeo) and touched the Peloncillo Mountains which are about ten miles away. I have figured the shadow (U.F.O.) to be at least ten to fifteen miles in length. Since it was late in the morning (about 10:30 AM) with the sun nearly overhead, the shadow would not be distorted very much. The angle of the sun, from the object, made the shadow appear to be egg-shaped. Since the sun was directly behind the solid object, it was impossible to see the actual object, and I could not take a photograph into the sun.

The others that were with me did not see the shadow until I brought it to their attention. As it continued to move slowly across the ground, it passed over Rodeo and the Peloncillo Mountains and disappeared into the east, out of our view. I could only estimate the speed to be about twenty miles per hour, because we watched it for about five minutes. It was very disappointing to not be able to see the object since we could only look directly into the sun. We could only see the shadow by looking towards the mountains.


While watching the shadow, I had a cold, still feeling, as if I was in a trance-like state. I just seemed to "know" them, or it. It was an uncanny, eerie sensation. Telepathic thoughts came into my consciousness that seemed to be alien in source - they were not my own thoughts. The other two who saw it did not get the same sensation that I did, however.

This UFO encounter occurred after the first "Sputnic" was sent out into space, but people did not, yet, realize that we were beginning to enter the Space Age. So, at this time, or even today, who would believe that such a large "object" could exist around our planet, Earth. We kept this unusual experience entirely to ourselves, for who would have believed us?

It is ironic that Orson Wells shook up the nation with his radio program about invaders from Mars, in 1936, but, later, people became immune to the suggestion that UFOs even existed. Maybe, Orson Wells did shake up the government officials. Maybe, the government officialdom, FBI and CIA have a sinister purpose for deliberately lulling the people. Maybe, the government and officials, with the aid of Mr. Wells, planned and schemed to "prepare" the way for the greatest cover-up of all time. Maybe, and it does appear to be so, the "hidden ones" are in on secret plans and are in cohoots with certain of the "very rich". Yes, there are many "MAYBE's"!!


At any rate, at that particular time, we decided to keep our mouths shut and keep our information to ourselves. Now, however, I feel that this is a time of enough enlightenment to allow me to be able to openly share my UFO encounters with others, as well as my telepathic experiences concerning it. Surely, people will accept this encounter with a great deal more objectivity than they could have in 1959, when it happened.

The vacation was nearly over, so I took Lee back to Holbrook to get some of his belongings. We spent the night at a motel, and I was impressed to go on to the Petrified Forest, which is about forty miles east of Holbrook, Arizona. Lee suggested that we take a shortcut, saving about ten miles, by using HWY. #180. Since Lee had lived in the Holbrook area most of his life, I took his advice.

Upon arrival, we went to where there was a small building made of petrified wood. As I approached the building, I suddenly became aware of a cloud-like substance beginning to materialize into the shape of a saucer. Also, I was aware of others starting to materialize in the background. It reminded me of Indian "smoke signals", like you see protrayed†in the movies. The first object appeared to be in the shape of a "man's mouth" (the voice), and those in the background took on the shape of a Spanish sombrero with a man's face in it.

The first UFO that came over this small building hovered over it for about a minute, moved off to the east and, then, dissipated and disappeared. In turn, they all did the same thing, and each one gave me the sensation of performing for our benefit, so to speak. Besides, I felt impressed that this building had been used by some Indian mystic, in the past, and the UFO were letting me know that the ancients were here for some purpose of their own and this had once been a sacred land. (See #9 -Petrified Forest)

The first saucer came only a few feet over the top of the building, and the aura from all the saucers created an effect over the walls of the building which caused a transfiguration of faces to form upon the building (#18). This was the first time I ever had the chance to photograph a UFO at such close range, but I had others that were so far away that they were questionable (see #15).

Picture #15, taken in the Superstition Mountains, has a very bright saucer in the upper right corner, above a large cactus.


[Caption: In the lower right corner, you can see a white line which is caused by the force field of the object. Notice the two cactus in the center of the picture; the one on the left has a "pillar ray" force field with spirit faces controlled "within" the pillar.
Picture #16 was taken in the same area. To the right of the cactus, you can see a beam of energy coming out of the ground. This pillar reaches into the clouds above, and it looks like it might be a shadow. However, the cactus could not have cast a shadow like that, for the pillar comes up out of the ground. Also, there are no physical shadows from any of the other plant life.
A psychic would probably be aware enough to see faces in this pillar and recognize that this is a pillar of paranormal nature.
For other pillars, see pictures #4 - 17 - 19 - 20.]


Reprinted from:


By Associate, Charles A. Marcoux

Time magazine, June 22, 1959, devoted two columns to the Superstition Mountain legend because the latest victim, there, was murdered by his partner in April. Two young Portuguese-Hawaiians from Honolulu prospected the area for weeks, but they got on each others nerves. The older, Ferreira, shot the younger and, later, turned up in Honolulu, alone. In June, he was extradited to Arizona to stand trial.

Gold, plenty of it, was found in the Superstition Mountains by a Mexican, Don Miguel Peralta, in the mid-1800s. He, his family and workmen, were supposed to have been massacred by Apaches, but the story has it that one escaped with a map showing location of the diggings -- or, perhaps, a cavern leading to the nether world?

"In the 1870s (says Time), a German prospector, Jacob 'Dutchman' Waltz, killed at least five men in getting his hands on the map. For years afterward, Waltz lived with a quadroon girl in an adobe hut in Phoenix, and, periodically, he slipped into the crags of Superstition Mountains to replenish his supply of nuggets."

Waltz died in 1891, carrying the secret of his mine to the grave with him. Since then, it has become known as the Lost Dutchman Mine, and, by actual count, over thirty men have died or been killed in the Superstition area trying to locate the Lost Dutchman Mine. The grisly details have been spelled out in a sixty-page brochure, complete with pictures, drawings and maps, by cowboy-rancher, Barney Bernard, of Apache Junction, Arizona. Marcoux kindly sent your editor his copy of this facinating† booklet, revised to Dec. 1, 1956.


Of all the murders listed by Bernard, that of James A. Cavey, number twenty, was the most puzzling and, perhaps, the most revealing, from an occult point of view.

"On July 16, 1947, another ill-fated searcher for the fabulous mine of the Dutchman, entered the mountains, never to return. Claiming to have a 'vision', he, on the above date, hired a helicopter to transport himself and two weeks supply of grub and water into a designated spot, the sand bar in LaBarge Canyon. Having sworn the pilot to deepest secrecy, Cavey was dismayed to hear a blast of his proposed trip over the radio and to read the account in the daily papers. Having paid in advance, the amount agreed upon, he decided to take the risk, as per agreement. The pilot, after making his 'set down', assisted in packing the grub and water up to high ground where it was completely covered with a tarp. Cavey, a retired commercial photographer, secured a two-gallon canteen of water and enough food for two days, and he headed into the Superstition.


"On Aug. 2nd, as per arrangement, the pilot returned and found Cavy's cache of food intact. He had never returned to it. Upon being notified, Sheriff Lynn Early, of Pinal County, formed a mounted posse to start the search. C.F. Higham and Dick Parrott headed in from First Water ranch, intending to join the searchers along the trail. Unfortunately, they failed to contact each other. This almost cost these two volunteer posse men to lose their lives from heat, exhaustion and lack of water.

"On Aug. 6th, this writer (Bernard) guided the new posse, with bloodhounds, into the cache. The dogs easily picked up Cavey's trail, which we followed about three hours, when the first evidence, outside of an occasional track, was encountered. In descending a slope, we found where he had thrown his bedroll away, next, his grubsack and, finally, his canteen, nearly full of water. Fifty feet farther on, the trail ceased, and the dogs milled in circles, proclaiming a lost trail. Aside from a broken 'buck brush', there was no further evidence at hand. Being closer to the 'Don's Trail', we radioed the truck to come around to pick us up, and we headed for the rendezvous. Just before striking the trail, we followed a ridge downward, and this writer will stake his oath on the fact that, on Aug. 6th, there was nothing on that ridge, so we came home.

"On Feb. 21, 1948, two hikers, Capt. Perrin and a Chicago friend, guests at Mark Barker's 'Sunset Trail Ranch for Trailers', climbed out over the trail, in advance of the 'Don's Trek'. They discovered a rope stretched across the trail, one end apparently fast in the bushes. Further investigation revealed the body of James Cavey. It was rolled up in a blanket with the rope end tied around it. Nearby, on an outcrop, was his hat, shirt and jacket, piled up with a small rock to hold them. In the pockets were his billfold, containing his money and identification papers. His head, like that of Adolph Ruth, had been severed from his body and a lower rib had been broken. Once again, the Apache curse had struck. Cavey was the Twentieth victim."

Bernard made reference to one other thing about James Cavey which, by one of those strange quirks of memory, reminded your editor of an item in Kan Arnold's Saucer researches, going on at the same time, July, 1947, in Tacoma. Bernard says that Cavey was crippled; he had a club foot. Arnold was disturbed by the fact that the two reporters who seemed to have an unearthly knowledge of the conflict of forces, there, in Tacoma, Paul Lance and Ted Morello, were both cripples - probably only coincidence.


The Don's Club of Phoenix, Arizona conducts an annual trek into the Superstition and Weavers Needle area in the spring of every year. For those who want to hunt for the Lost Dutchman Mine amid the safety of numbers, this is it. Hundreds of would-be-prospectors and tourists make the trek in March of every year. Surrounded by that many people, no one should be afraid to search for the Lost Mine and, maybe, a cavern entrance or two.



In the face of all this opposition, in spite of the disappearance of such other determined researchers as Hefferlin and Hanson, where does Marcoux get his obsessive drive to rend the veil of the Shaver Mystery? I wrote to him and asked him this. The reply, so far, has extended to two tapes full of comment, half a dozen letters with accompanying pictures and the manuscript of an, as yet, unpublished book.

Marcoux's awareness of the subterranean world goes back to his early childhood in Michigan. There, he dreamed of underground cities of fabulous splendor, and no one could explain his dreams. Then, one momentous day in January, 1945, he stopped before the window of a bookstore on Wooward Ave, in Detroit, A force, too strong to be resisted, impelled him inside and to - not the bookshelves - but the magazine rack and science fiction. This field of literature he had, hitherto, held in contempt. Nevertheless, there was a new Amazing Stories magazine with a lurid cover proclaiming "I Remember Lemuria", by Richard Shaver.

"I was in a hypnotic trance reading it", says Marcoux. "I knew, then, my experiences connected with the cavern world, but I was not mature enough to reveal myself. Now, the time has come, I've been told."

Marcoux was one of the early joiners when Richard Shaver was forced to start a fan club in 1947. Along with many others, he hoped, then, to prove or disprove the Shaver hypothesis of the underground cities, once and for all. Among other things, Shaver's stories revealed the horrible end toward which our atomic energy program was headed in the late 1940s. Marcoux believes this is one of the main reasons for the political pressure, the mob pressure, which forced Ziff-Davis to stop publishing the Shaver stories and to relinquish all rights to them by 1950. The material, then, became the property of the Shaver Mystery Club and its members. Then the real trouble began.


To quote a portion of Marcoux's book: "The power within the earth, the subterranean empire and its agents, the space state and its confederates, the cavern bosses, used every power of attack at its command. The fear of being exposed had approached a climax when Amazing Stories began reaching a million persons a month. If continued, it would have exposed the fiends for what they were. Under the direction of the cavern bosses, the ray mechanisms scanned the surface world from below, catching the minds of the those interested in the Shaver thories†, twisting them against Shaver. Those who maintained allegiance to him, suddenly found themselves in precarious positions from strange accidents and illnesses. These were, seemingly, coincidences to the layman, but to those of us in the know, these calamities were nothing more, nor less, than ray attacks.


"By 1951, individual clubs and staffs were so full of fear that they wouldn't even discuss the affair with their former, closest associates. The Shaver Mystery Club, and the individual groups, broke up as suddenly as they had begun. Ray Palmer, former editor of Amazing Stories, had an unusual accident. Shaver, himself, was very ill and could not carry on. I had a back injury which led to almost total blindness for a while. By 1952, the Shaver Mystery had become a real mystery. A dark and sinister evil hung over the world and the Shaver Mystery became a 'word'."


Out of these years of experience and study, he has evolved a philosophy of life not far removed from that of the Mystery Schools. "I am not looking for the Dutchman's Lost Mine", says Marcoux. "I'm sick of wealth and power and privilege, and with the sickness, misery and degradation its owners have forced upon minkind†."

If he really means this, if his goal is really to uplift the race by exposing the sinister forces which play upon man's lower nature, this may be the protection which has carried, and will carry, him through safely. This in spite of the Apache curse on the Superstition area, and in spite of the alleged "cavern bosses" of the subterranean world. Time will tell.

Before we close the story on the Mystery for this issue of Round Robin, we should make reference to one other item in Marcoux's manuscript. He speaks of a rumor that the Russians have uncovered ruins of an ancient civilization, locked in the snow and ice of Siberia. In these ruins were found, in frozen, suspended animation, perfect specimens of a reptile race, and Russian scientists were successful in bringing them back to life.

"It is rumored that these reptile beings have gained control of the political set-up in Russia. This was two score years ago. Many so-called 'fallout victims' of the regime were sent to Siberia, supposedly to 'die'. One can assume that the political exiles were sent to Siberia as a reward, to carry on in work assigned to them by the reptiles. Since these scaly, cold-blooded beings are supposed to be almost totally immune to radioactive radiation, they could be the ones festering the atomic rat-race. Dracon, the North Star is said to be the present home of these Pythons..."


There are references to reptilian beings overrunning this planet in prehistoric times. One source is the strange little book, "Agharta" written by a German-turned-Tibetan priest, Robert Earnest Dickhoff. Our retired Director, Meade Layne, read this early in 1953 and went to a Mark Probert seance on March 10th with some questions. The Yada di Shi'ite confirmed their existence but said that their place of origin was the under surface of the planet, Venus!

"It is true that the Serpent People once overran this planet, and that they came from Venus", the Yada told Meade. "They abandoned


the earth because conditions, here, were not favorable to them. (Polar flips freezing us and our cities at the bottom of a sea of ice wouldn't be favorable to us, either. Ed.) They were of great size and had scaly bodies and large frog eyes, and they were mentally advanced. (They must have been, to have mastered space travel. Ed.) Morally, they were not evolved, but they were extremely cruel and vicious. They are still to be found in the interior of Venus. The Venusians of the present day, however, are not descendants of this early type."

If there was any discussion of the possibility of Serpent People being left behind, frozen in the Arctic and Antarctic wastes, Meade didn't include them in the Seance notes from which I drew the above. The whole thing is probably a very touchy subject in occult circles, seeing that it gets to the very heart of the problem of positive evil on this planet.


I may have come within one question of verifying Marcoux's "rumor", at a Mark Probert Seance in early Sept. Professor Luntz was occupying Mark's body, at the time, and Russia was under discussion. Professor Luntz observed that Nikita Kruschev was not the real leader of Russia.

"Are the real rulers in physical embodiment?" I asked. "Yes, they are," replied the Professor. "Are they human beings like ourselves?" I inquired. After some hesitation, Professor Luntz replied that he couldn't answer that at this time. So, the deeper answers, we have to dig for ourselves.

Two score years ago is rather indefinite, but 1935 will remembered† by some of you as the year in which Russia's "Far East Institute for the Study of Permanently Frozen Areas" came briefly into the news. Prof. P.N. Kapterev achieved worldwide fame, or notoriety, by thawing out shrimp, algae, and bacteria and bringing them back to life. Some of these organisms were supposed to have been taken from the bodies of mastodons and other prehistoric animals found frozen under twenty feet of ice on Wrangel Island in the Arctic Ocean. They were frozen anywhere from 3,000 to 20,000 years ago!

It may be that this old news item is the basis for the "rumor" reported by Marcoux. Maybe, on the other hand, it was just a brief peep under the curtain which will soon rise on a far mightier drama, the life-and-death struggle for the world and for the control of men's minds, with evil focused at the physical level through beings whose physical bodies have been in suspended animation since the beginning of one of the great ice ages of the past.

What a story! What a puzzle! And, if we live long enough, we'll put the pieces together, yet!




T H E  S H A V E R  M Y S T E R Y


In the latter months of 1944, Richard S. Shaver presented an alphabet with a list of the meanings of the sounds used in speaking it to Ray A. Palmer (then Editor of Amazing Story magazine, a science fiction publication). He said it was "Mantong" - the language of the ancient "Elder Races" and the basis for all of our languages.

Palmer published this alphabet in the Sept., '44 issue of Amazing Story magazine. The storm that followed brought a huge pile of letters to Palmer, and a series of stories by Shaver. These stories were so fantastic that they had to be written in the guise of fiction.

Groups formed, both pro and con. On the side of Shaver and Palmer were men and women, the majority, like me, who knew and believed what Shaver said. The other group, a minority, were psuedo scientists and members of many cults, isms, and ists, who Shaver claimed were the rankest of heretics.

The owners of Ziff-Davis chain of magazines banned "The Myster"† from its publication. During the four years of Shaver stories in Amazing Story, this magazine tripled its sales. So, when Ziff-Davis gave in to the QUACKS, Palmer left to form his own chain of publications. After that, Amazing Story lost many followers, as well as sales.

Shaver then formeda† club called the "Shaver Mystery Club", with nine issues of the finest bit of truth, never before published, to our way of thinking. Several small individual clubs sprang up from this, the Letterzine, in Chicago, operated by Max E. Guler Jr., and Ralph M. Holland produced a fine zine called The Voice From the Gallow.

Due to many misfortunes and inadequate financing, these zines fell. Most fell due to "MYSTERIOUS" occurrences. At this date, none are in operation that I know of.

* * * * * * * * * * *

S H A V E R  S A Y S :

Centuries ago, when our Solar System was young (long before the present human races had appeared), these planets were colonized by a space-roving people - "The Elder Races". Their science was so advanced that it puts ours to shame. They were able to extend their lives to unbelievable spans of thousands of years. Since it is an inescapable law of nature that nothing can remain stationiony†, it must either grow or decay. So, their immense age was also accompanied by great size which continued to increase as long as they lived.

Synthetic food, clothing, and all other desired articles were made by fully automatic machiner† called "Mechs". This machinery was made


so well that is required little, if any, attention, and it was practically indestructible from any source except wanton and willful intent to do so. A super television set could pick up three dimensional images in natural color and sound from any place without the need of a relay station, such as our sets must have, in spite of many miles of intervening rock. There was also a reverse form of this Mech, the "telesolidograph", which could project sound and images to any point. In Norse legends, it was called "Odin"s† Eye".

For defense purposes, these Titans had several weapons. Most popular was the "Stun ray", or beam. This would temporarily paralyze people without doing any permanent harm. This was a prominent weapon for these ancient man-Gods did not believe in the destruction of human life unless absolute necessity warranted such measures. Then, they resorted to such Mechs as "Blast beams" which caused explosions at distant points, and "Dis guns" and "Dis cannons" could destroy people and objects by disintegrating them into pure energy. Another favorite weapon was one that could act upon the brain and circulatory system to cause a "stroke" or "heart attack".

In addition, they had wonderful medical Mechs which could restore life, heal broken bones or serious flesh wounds in seconds, and cure all ailments and diseases. One of the most cherished of their Mechs was the "Stim Ray" which played upon the emotions of a person by augumenting† it a thousand fold, much in the same manner that music, movies, theaters and literature do in our world. The most important, and probably the most used, was the "Telaug" which picked up and amplified, augumented† and transmitted telepathic thought radiations. This device was originally used as a means of communication between people, and it could be recorded on tapes for later scanning. It is from these tapes that Shaver claims to have gotten most of his information about the ancient Elder Races. The effect on a person who receives these tapes is like being in a motion picture theater with three dimensional natural color, and you immediately take on the personality of the originator of the "tape". Not words, but "THOUGHTS", are received in the brain. You become one enmeshed in the body of another being that is completely alien to your every fiber. These machines, today, are called "Dream Mechs"

These Mechs were powered in various ways. Some of them secured power from the Earth's magnetic force line, but others tapped into the Cosmic flows of energy which permeate all space. Some of the vehicles with wheels were powered by gravity. Shaver says "Gravity" is not a mass attraction but a flow which penetrates and passes through any object - the denser the object, the greater the resistence† - the Elders called it "EXD".

These ancient races lived "inside" of the planets since very little surface exposure was desired, due to certain radiations which were harmful to growth, particularly SUN energy that Shaver says is the CAUSE OF AGE and, finally, DEATH. Their underground cities were built tier upon tier, like a skyscraper. The density of the earth was a shield against "D" radiation and a protection against marauding invaders, who were seldom a source of trouble, however.


Many question as to the reasons why these Elder Gods made their homes within a planet but not on its surface. It is said that the effect of gravity opon† their tremendous size influenced them to go below where this gravity would not have such an effect upon them. But, the main reason seemed to be that they wished to escape solar radiation, particularly from radioactive rays which they were extremely sensitive to. Anyway, they burrow into the earth, disintegrating the rocks with rays and packing gravity, or energy, into the walls and roof by rematerializing it, making a sustance harder and denser than anything that we know today. Huge caverns were carved out for many miles below the earth. Within these, they built their cities, connecting them with tunnels which ran under the seas and oceans, as well as under all the land area. Eventually, the surface area of this "underworld" was much larger than the surface world, and it included many different levels.

When the first ancestors of our present human races appeared, each of the huge underground cities had its own surface colony which was connected to the surface by elevators. No Mechs were permitted on the surface, and all service was taken care of by the underground Mechs.

According to some of the thought-record tapes, which are still found stored in the libraries of the ancients in this huge world below our feet, the present human races were bred in the biological research laboratories of the Elders. They were constantly seeking a means to create a superior physical body, one that would be more resistant to solar radiation and to the effects of detrimental radioactivity. Both cause aging and finally result in death. They used rays, or beams, to cause dissimilar genes to unite, causing innumerable corss†-breeds. The results of their experiments developed the various monsters of fable. Centaurs, fauns, and minotaurs are all products of their experiments, and they actually existed.

These creations were sterile and incapable or† reproduction, so they died out. The only two sucessful† cross-breeds they had were the "Adams" and the "Pythons". The "Adams" are the ancestors to all the present races of man on this planet. They were a cross between some man-like beast and the Elders. The "pythons" were a cross with some reptile form, most likely a two-footed erectile animal, rather than a snake, as the term is used, today. This was considered a likely cross, since reptiles are almost totally immune to radioactive poison and have an exceptionally long life span.

There seems to have been a bitter strife between these two races, from the earliest of times, as indicated by the legends which consider the serpent to be the source of all evil. Actually, their morals and ethics were equal to those of the Adam races, whose thinking and customs were even alien to the elders who sired them, according to the tapes. It is said that Serpent people still exist on other planets, having disappeared from Terra at an early date, probably due to this strife. It is believed that they immigrated into space, possibly with the help of the Elders, in order to preserve both species from exterminating themselves.


Shaver contends that our Solar system became attracted by the SUN and was inwardly drawn to it. Thus, the radiation from this sun of ours was the cause of all of man's mental warping, from the "D" elements that were absorbed into their bodies, causing aging and death. Because of this danger to life, the Elder Gods decided to do something about it by creating various types of beings, in order to test their means of warding off old age and death.

Most of the Elders left this solar system, but some of them were left behind because their minds were infected by "D" flows, causing them to become sadistic. "D" is error which brings forth evil from out of man. Also, left behind were the Adam races, to be exploited by these De-men, or de-vils. Some of the Gods stayed to help shape the course of their creations. "D" is known as "der" - reversed, Der is Red.

Some of the Gods wanted to make their secrets available to the humans, but they were opposed by others, and a bitter struggle ensued. It is said that Satan was in favor of letting our ancestors have this knowledge, so Satan "fell" with his followers. The idea that Satan was the cause of all our troubles is right, to some extent. At first, he did all he could for these races, but time and the "D" effects made him another of these De-men, so his followers and offspring became evil. The evil intent and activities of these De-vils became unlimited. Their scanning rays were continuously kept on the surface and admitted the deadly "D" rays into the caverns in ever increasing amounts, augumenting it that much more upon themselves - increasing and adding to their insanity.

Today, most of the vast underground world still exists, and it is thinly populated by the descendents† of its original inhabitants, plus some former surface dwellers that found their way into this world from time to time. The descendents† of these De-men are termed by Shaver as DEROS, but to the inhabitants of the cavern world, they are known as the "mad ones", or "rays". These mad ones do not have any organized form, and they wander in groups throughout the vast regions of this world, destroying, killing, and eating those that they chance upon. Their close inbreeding and constant exposure to "D" radiations have resulted in an hereditarily† insane group. They have a monstrous appearance and are usually afflicted with various inherited diseases.

As a normal person tends to do good, the Deros will do evil at every opportunity, and they are completely devoid of any moral sense. What is evil to us, is good to them, and vise-versa.

The Deros are particularly adept at operating the Telaug, and they spend practically all of their time at this Mech, keeping themselves alive by means of the "ben ray" which transmits life energy into their carcass, much in the same manner that we would "charge" a battery. Some of them become so much a part of their Mech that they are physically helpless idiots that are incapable of any independent activity if they become separated from it.

Note: The conditions in the caverns, as of now, are that of bitter strife for control. It is said that they could come up on the surface, now, and take over.





My encounters with the Hidden World did not come by design or personal intent on my part. Rather, I was led into various situations, since birth, by that invisible, unseen hidden world that I often refer to as my "three guardians". Maybe, I am being "used by some unknown force, beyond my compreshension, without my full knowledge of how and why they use me, for their own unknown reasons, and I am powerless to change it. Then, again, I am fully aware that when I "entered" into this world, I just seemed to "know" my purpose and reason for being in this mortal world, at that time.

My parents always had a fad for cameras, and they took pictures of family and friends, ever since I can remember. I followed their fad for photography, just to keep a record of my relationships with family, relatives and friends. It was never my intention to take pictures of the paranormal world, for I had no knowledge that such a thing as "spirit photography" even existed, let alone, saucers or spirits and whatever else exists in the unknown worlds.

It wasn't until 1938 that I got my first camera, a Kodak that cost me about four dollars, and I began taking pictures which gradually began to show faces and spirits. At that time, I wondered about them in the back of my mind and did not completely dismiss them. They would disturb me, and it led me to question "why?'. Most of the early paranormal pictures have been lost, but in May, 1943, I was deeply "impressed" to take a picture of my daughter who was about four years old. This picture shows the full form of a spirit standing to the left of her, and all about the area are rays of light and spirit forms. Across the street was a man's face, turned upside down, which I am sure was me! The full spirit form (angel) was of a boy of the same age as my daughter. I suspect that the boy is Michael, who was killed in an auto accident, just down the street, a few months before.   (# 23)

I showed the picture to my mother, in hope that she might shed some light on why the spirit was in my picture, but, as usual, she just dismissed it, as though she was afraid of the picture. So, this just left me to search for my own answers, elsewhere. I had no knowledge of psychic, spirit photography, at that time, and it was not until 1948 that I went to a meeting which gave a spirit photography demonstration. It was at that time that I realized that I might have the same ability to take pictures of the paranormal world. Even in those early days, taking pictures of the paranormal world was not (and still isn't) a profitable way to make a living, what with the expense of films and other necessary supplies, not to speak of the cost of exploring the places where few dared to investigate.

It wasn't until 1959, when I moved to Phoenix, Arizona, that I began to take many pictures of the unseen hidden world. It was not that I intentionally planned it, or asked for it, it just simply was there. I was told by ESP, or telepathically, that I would take pictures of Saucers (UFOs), and they told me that they (the unseen) would con-


trol all situations and show me when and where to go to take these fantastic pictures of their invisible "Hidden World". I was made aware, due to my spiritual attunement, that I am to complete this mission, so to speak. I have become so attuned to the hidden world that I can (and do) take pictures of it, at random, whenever I want to. However, I am not aware of the full content of what my physical eyes see, but my "psychic eye" does record the unseen into my psychic mind and transfers it onto the picture. Many times, I can even photograph right into my inner mind, and, in some way, I do take pictures of "etherians" while they are in their "fire ships". It is transferred by the mind, or brain, which acts like a "photographic plate" between the object and the camera, and it is attuned to my psychic, all seeing "eye".

Because of my psychic "gifts" and experiences, I have found that too many mortals know nothing about what is going on in this world around them or how they are being "used", either for their welfare or their self-destruction. Not only are they being used by the hidden world, but they are being used by other mortals that they have to deal with each day of their lives, also.

The world in which we live is being changed, and everywhere I go, I see the vibrations that are changing this world and making these changes that are for the betterment of mankind. The medical professions claim that they are responsible for making mankind live longer, but it is, really, the changes of vibratory wavelengths that the Etherians are bringing that is making this change for the betterment of mankind (brotherhood of man?).

I have reproduced a selection of my pictures that were taken in the mysterious Superstition Mountains during my many explorations to search for the entrances into the Ancient Elder World. I will not say that I have, or have not, found or entered into the Portal, but I will definately† say that I have had (and still have) "interdimensional" experiences. This is to say, I have been taken into these other dimensions.


In February of 1960, I explored a cave in the Caballo Mts., east of the Rio Grande, between the Caballo Dam and Elephant Butte Dam and between Engle and Rincon, New Mexico, with several other people - some were not able to get into the cave. Three pictures were taken in the cave showing some form of brilliant light (not shown in this book), but it is related to the pictures taken in Carlsbad Cavern, N.M.. In July, 1977, I was told (psychically) to go to the caverns and take pictures, because they had shown me that there is an entrance to the underworld, there, where they have bases for their center of activities which extends into the Guadalupe Mts. and south into Texas.

PICTURES 1-2-3..........JULY 3, 1977

#1. I saw a large light coming from above the Carlsbad cave, and as I stood back from the entrance to the cave, I took one picture of this light as it shot down into the cave. When developed, it




showed a being (like "Bigfoot") with a saucer-shaped "hat" emerging out of him, or vice versa. The "saucer" hat has a form of extoplasm eddying out like "silver fleece". There is an interdimensional, black "hole" (or window?) in front, as if it was being guided.

Do angels have wings, as portrayed in churches or in the Bible? Or are they really as I have photographed them, instead? The god, Mercury, is portrayed (rayed) wearing a disc-shaped helmet with "wings" on his head, as well as wings on his feet; he is called the "messenger". I know that my picture, definately†, shows the TRUE NATURE of angel wings, and it is nothing like what is portrayed by churches, religions, Bible, or whatever source that shows wings like a bird. There are other pictures in my collection that have similar effects, also.

#2. In this picture, we had walked downward for about half an hour when we both saw a face upon the ceiling of this cave. Using a flash bulb, I hoped to capture the being on my film, but I was not sure that it would develop because a flash bulb can only be effective up to about nine feet, and the distance was at least forty feet away. I took a chance, and the results showed a being, in nearly complete form, with another disc-shape coming out of the head of that being of a blue-purple energy which flowed toward where we stood.

#3. This picture will be of interest for those facinated† in the caverns of the Ancient Elder World and with those pictures taken in relationship with the Superstition Mts. When we got to the underground restaurant area, I was immediately impressed to take a picture of a large "column". As I did so, there were various lights that seemed to dazzle over the column that was near the dome of the cavern. As in the previous picture, I hoped that the flash bulb was enough to record on the film, and, as usual, my guides did their part. You will see a large face looking straight down at me, and, as you can see, there is the same silvery fleece eddying out away from the pillar. At the same time, what appears to be like "vines", are wrapped around the pillar which is of a very dark, deep purple.

You will also note, that coming out of the head of the being's face is what can be called "ectoplasm" (fleece). These energized substances encompass an object (interdimensional UFO) and is often referred to as "CLOUDS" in the Bible. Since the being was facing me, it is noted that out of the head are two large "HORNS", similar to ram's horns. The horns have something to do with its own power and is the means to augment and direct its energy to any place that it wants to go. I am aware, from my study and meditation on this picture (and the first two) that they tell me they are of the Ancient Elders, who often did have horns (not like the devil, as shown in the Bible, etc.) and had power to "sound out the trumpet" and to give out vibrations for their means of "transportation and teleportation" from one dimension to another, instantly.

These three pictures are in relationship to other pictures and


experiences in the Superstition Mountains. So, I will now take you to "Carney Springs", near the Don's Camp.


Carney Springs is a little southwest of the Don's Trek Camp and sits in a rincon encompassed with high ridges that lead to several trails that take you up to the top of the mountains. As you look to the top, on the north side, you can notice a high-rising outcrop which, most likely, is of volcanic material and is a rock formation that appears to look like a man's head. There used to be a natural spring, there, with some picnic tables and benches in the area. Sometime after 1969, the Forest Rangers decided to dynamite the spring, and it destroyed the trail road. They fenced it off and scattered large rocks around to make it impossible to drive up to the spring.

Also, they put up a sign, there, forbidding anyone to trespass in that area. We know that any forest land is public domain to use for your pleasure, but it does not mean that you can deface it, of course. I psychically "know", as the voice tells me, that Carney Springs and other enclosed national forestry land in the United States, Canada, and other places in the world are deliberately being covered up as to the facts about caves, portals, bases and the underworld of the ancients. The Rangers are there to "police" and keep out any nosey person that may get too close to any "entrances" and reveal that they do exist. For that reason, the forestry system, with the Rangers, cover up any evidence of the Ancient Elder World.

So many people have been killed who may uncover the Peralta Treasures or the Dutchman Mine who, more or less, got too close to one of the Portals. Did Jim Cavey get killed because he found the treasure, or did he have an "IN" and got an offer to visit in the Thunder God's domain? Cavey, most likely, had ESP or a psychic ability, for he traveled a long distance to reach the Superstition Mts. after he had a so-called "VISION". Apparently, he did have psychic awareness in order to be able to have visions. It is strange, also, that he was a photographer - not as I am, but there is a relationship.

I just wonder, and I am keenly impressed, after studying about Cavey's strange death and from what I know of the hidden world, that, just maybe, Cavey could not get back to the outside world. Since he was a cripple, maybe they (Teros) healed him, and he had no reason to come back up on the surface of the world to face the same old conflicts and various situations that he had encountered so many times in his life. Did the Teros, with their magical medical "Ben-Mechs", take him in, heal him and, then, to make it look natural, made a "CLONE" and put it on a trail near the Peralta Pass?

Remember, Cavey's remains were found miles from his camp (LeBarge Canyon) near an old trail, not too far from Barkley Quarter Circle Ranch. This is the same area where I saw the moon-like object (pg. 9) and the sparkling circle of light. Our own modern science


is prepared to create a "clone", so, there is no reason that the underworld couldn't create a similar duplicate of Cavey so that the remains would be passed off as due to another killer, but the true motive is to cover up the portals to the Elder World. Remember, I did see the moon-like object "enter into" that mountain which is very near where Cavey's remains were found (missing July 16, '47, found Feb. 21, '48).

Feb. 1962

#4. This picture was taken in the former Carney Springs picnic area where we would often spend a day exploring, taking pictures and just enjoying ourselves. Once, I was suddenly aware of light coming from the north side of the Superstition Mountains. As I watched the lights go to the top of the mountains, I got that "still" feeling, and took a picture of what I was seeing. When I get that "still" feeling, I am referring to a semi-trance state which is an inter-dimensional experience, for I become completely free of everyone and everything around me, and my full inner attention focuses on my physical and psychic eye "mind" and to whatever object my mind is attuned. It excludes everything else from interfering with the objective which my guides want to have recorded.

Note: Carney Springs sits in what is called a "rincon" which is shaped similar to a quarter moon. The Elders used to know that a person who sits in the center of the two points of the horn-like cresent† can be receptive to cross (X or T) vibrations and is suddenly attuned to another world, or the thoughts from it (especially when the "pillars", like in the picture, are activated).

This picture shows four bright "pillars" with large, bright yellow-gold foundations known as "anchors". There is some amount of orange and flamingo light, and in the upper left corner is a "quarter moon" object. The pillars have numerous faces in them. These beings are "chained" in the stream of energy (time) which is keeping them from breaking the chain reaction. Also, these pillars are of fleece, in nature, and might be referred to as the "burning bush". (This picture was taken with a 35MM camera.)

Carney Springs-Jan. 25, 1981

#5A Four pictures were taken when I saw auras of light streaking up and away from me. Two did not show anything, but 5A shows a disc-shaped object passing right beside me (to the right) and out of view before I could get a full picture of this disc-shaped UFO. Remember, when I see various lights and auras of objects, it does not mean that I actually saw what is developed on the films. Since these objects move too fast to see them "clearly" by my physical eye, I can not see what ends up on film, and the psychic eye only shows me the movements of the UFO in the form of lights and auras. There is a golden ray of energy trailing out behind it as it passed right by me.

#5b. This picture was taken a few seconds after #5A when I turned my camera at a slight angle in order to fully capture the light of the object. This picture shows some effect of the UFO, since it was



no more than twenty-five feet above the ground, and, perhaps, about sixty feet away from me. Since lights and auras distort distances, we have to estimate by what is revealed in the photos. This "object" was not solid as you may understand it, but it was in an interdimensional state. It is invisible to the normal senses of mortals because it can travel through the physical objects of nature and man.


#6A. My brother-in-law, Don and his family, spent their vacation at my home. When it was time to go back to Flint, Mich., where he lived, I took him to Sedona, Az, as he would head back home by a route through Flagstaff from there. About 3:00 PM, after they left, I decided to go up a side road to do some exploring before it got too dark. While going up the mountains on a gravel road, I suddenly got an urge to take a picture of some trees. So, I stopped, got out of my car and walked across the road. As I did so, I saw a very bright light to my left and above me.

The the "voice" told me, "Take a picture of the ground, for you will not be able to get a picture of this bright light." So, I took two pictures of the trees, lights and the cloud formation in the background. You will see, in pictures 6A and 6B, a "half moon" with faces in it and, also, around the ground. When the color red or red-orange and flamingo appear in the pictures, it means there is an infrared energy around the area of a UFO. That infrared energy brings entities (faces) around the saucers and the general area.

#6B. As I moved my camera, slightly, to another view, you will see the bright, powerful ray of energy directed into the ground. Again, see the red, silver and yellow around and near the trees and bushes; it is similar to a "pillar" and has entities' faces in it. A person that has ESP should take a magnifying glass and see for themselves what they can recognize.


#7. In the first week of Sept., 1961, I had the week off from my job and had planned to spend the weekend with some friends in Las Cruces, N.M.. My plans were to drive from Phoenix to Tucson and directly on to Las Cruces. However, as I left Phoenix, I was suddenly impressed to go by a route through Globe to Safford and on to Deming before the last lap to Las Cruces. Globe is a favorite place for me to stop for lunch and a break before the next hundred miles with another stop at Deming to have a cup of coffee and some of their delicious pies.

After leaving Globe, I had gone about fifteen miles on U.S. Hwy. 70-East, when I saw a large cloud formation to my left (north) and another saucer-shaped cloud just laying right on the ground. I stopped and was about to photograph that small saucer-shaped cloud when the "voice" (impression) said, "Take a picture in the center of the large cloud formation", which I did. This was the last frame on the roll of film, so, I only got one shot before the film ran out. I had no idea what they were going to show me, nor what would appear in the pictures. I have heard that very few people have ever taken pictures



of a mirage, let alone, in full color. This mirage has a mountain background, yet, there are no mountains in the area, whatsoever. It shows the clouds merging in with the mountain background and some kind of cactus bush at the lower part of the picture. The mirage definitely shows three solid, saucer-shaped UFOs in it. Without a doubt, the solid saucers (UFOs) are interdimensional. As you can notice, the saucer in the center has another saucer hooked up to it. Two of the saucers are emerging out of dark substances which may be similar to "fleece". This shows they are emerging from out of another dimensional state; one is completely black.

The small, round (disc) cloud (far left) was moving very slowly and went directly to the large cloud formation. As they met and merged into one, all the clouds slowly disappeared; there were no other clouds anywhere else. There is a line that defines the boundry† between the two worlds. A sharp purple color shows in this defining line, like a wall, to separate the two worlds. As you will further note, this line meets directly with the large DISC-shaped cloud which had been joined together by the small disc, earlier.

This large cloud is saucer-shaped with very definite sharp edges. This is not the normal nature of clouds. The shape of it is similar to the solid saucers in the MIRAGE except that the solid saucers in this mirage definitely shows their true interdimensional nature in the hidden world. I was aware that there were solid saucers within the clouds, and that the clouds were only a "cover-up" in the form of "MATERIALIZATION" which is very similar to "spirit" materialization in a seance. This cloud substance is what the "Hidden Ones" term a "cloak" or garmet (as mentioned in Scripture). The cloud cover is "fleece" and has various vibrations (rainbow).

This picture is definite proof of how saucers teleport from one world to another, instantly, and can re-appear in our world, hundreds of mile apart, within a few seconds. Yes, they have a "Magic Carpet" with "windows, veils, and ro-mechs" of the "GODS OF THE ANCIENTS". Note: Magic Car-pet - not a myth but a fact.

MIRAGE - FEB., 1962

#8. This picture was taken at Apache Junction, Az., facing Superstition Inn, with the Superstition Mountains in the background, about eight miles away, in a direct line. I always know that when I go to these mountains, something is going to be revealed, in one way or another. This was one of those days when I got the "urge" to spend the weekend in these mountains. Something just seems to "draw" me there, repeatedly. It is not for the treasures or gold but just to be there and bathe in the vibrations of these mysterious mountains - it is as if I belong there.

I saw three large, purple lights above the mountain and about twice the distance of the highth† of the mountains. They were just hovering in a triangle formation. As I watched the pulsing lights, I was immediately impressed (by the "voice") to take a picture and to be sure that I include the entire range of the Superstition Mts., which I did. I did not see the temple-like building that enters into the mountains,


but I was only aware of the lights of the saucers. This temple appears to be similar to a Greek or Roman (ro-man) temple. It is above and to the right of the Inn, about twice the highth† of the Inn. The picture shows the building entering into the mountain with no side-effects of rays or vibrations from the saucers. Later pictures that I've taken of mirages have not been as clear and defined.



We attended a wedding at the Grand Canyon which started at 6 AM. After all the various greetings, I was taking pictures, as usual. As always, I have in the back of my mind a constant impression to be ready to photograph the hidden world and UFO, of course. At 6:35 AM, I saw two large bright objects over the Canyon, but due to the early morning hour which was hazy with no sun, it made picture taking a little difficult. This object had a definite "dividing line" and its rays shone over us, but, I assure, no one else saw it or would recognize this as a UFO. As the minister was signing the documents, I got two pictures of the objects, and then, one of the couple signing their papers. Large rays of light flooded over them and some onto me, too - I got one good shot of it. Remember, a second picture of it would not have been the same, but it would have shown fading effects of the object's rays. The above described pictures are not in book.

#9. Well, after the big meal and gift opening, we headed toward the Petrified Forest and Rainbow Desert. There was lots of rain, off and on, but as I drove through the Petrified areas, I saw a large light, very high on my left. I know the light wouldn't show up very well on film from such a distance, but I was impressed to try, anyhow. I stopped and took a shot of it and continued on my trip. At the time, all I could see was auras around the small hill and the disc-shaped object, but I had no idea that I would be photographing a "MIRAGE" with a large building hovering "IN THE SKY".

The building has a deep red-orange or flamingo color on one side of the wall, and it is edged with a definite white line all around two sides of it. The other side is in shadow with the disc within it which, also, had its own shadow. This building is huge, rising above the clouds and is as wide as the small hill. There is just no explanation for it. That is often the problem; whenever they (the "voice") tell me how and when, they often don't give me any other further details or explanations. There are times, after much meditation, that I get the answers from them, but there are some that remain unexplained.


Previously, I have extensively explained about some of my pictures and experiences in the Superstition Mts. Most are fully explained, but some have portions deleted, and some pictures cannot be fully explained as language is inadequate. There are no words to explain my personal feelings, sensations and thoughts (or impressions) that I encounter with the "unseen". One can refer to it as "unseen", but I "see", like a panorama view of thoughts, within my psychic mind.



In another sense, I do not see the unseen hidden world from the point of view of those who don't have the sensitivity of what is called ESP.

The word, psychic, is derived from a combination of two words from the Greek language, God and Soul. Thus, the word, psychic, was coined, and is commonly used to describe those who have the ability of ESP. Everybody possesses ESP, for they are born with a soul and the presence of God, but very few recognize it or are able to put it to use. Worse yet, most fear to use the power of God (ESP), for they fear to give up the desires of the flesh since their God is of the material, and this is known as "HAVING FALSE IDOLS BEFORE ME" (from the Ten Commandments). Many claim that anything "psychic" is the work of the devil (even famous ministers), for they are really afraid. These "debunkers" cannot see the UNSEEN because their minds have been clouded and are too dense to see the world that I see and encounter.

#10. Feb. 4, 1968. I combined two pictures to give you a better perception of strange rays coming out of the ground. These were taken with infrared film along the Peralta pass which is in the center of the pictures, and it leads to Weaver's Needle. The picture shows more than what I saw with my psychic eye. See the rays coming out of the ground, and they are not clouds or smoke from a camp. To the far left is a large rock formation with more rays around it and on the ground. This picture was taken first, and, then, I stepped several feet to the right and a little up the trail to take the second picture.

#11. This is in the Black Mountains where the Spanish or Indians left symbols. There are extensive Spanish works in the area, such as a long arrow in stone, many pot holes, etc. Right at the spot where we stood, many contacts and photographs of UFOs have been made, as well as in surrounding areas.


#13A. At Don's Camp: A Sphinx head dominates the scene. All along the wall, to the left of the head, is the remains of an ancient language carved in symbols similar to the Mayans and Incans. They are in a bad state of decay, making it impossible to interpret all its meaning. These symbols and faces show different meanings, from different angles or times of day, for they were the masters of illusions and could give a panorama effect with different meanings to the life in which they lived.

This picture was taken with infrared film which separates different shadow areas to emphasize their true nature. The deep shadows tell me that there was once an opening there, and it had been sealed up. The infrared definitely shows the depth of a shadow, and that wall is very thick and there has to be a large "cavern" beyond the wall. The same effect can be seen in #13B, as well as the next two pictures.

#14A & #14B. This is the south end of the mountain and it leads up to Carney Springs. In 14A, note an object in the lower left corner and hovering near the top of the large rock formation which is part of the mountain. It looks like a saucer with a ring around its




center. As I stepped a few feet ahead and took #14B, you will see the same object in the same spot; it had not moved. Near the top of the mountain is a round, black spot, a shadow, which is not shown in #14A. This tells me that a "spirit" is moving along that wall. I have others with that round, black spot, too, and they are called a shadow because it is hidden, unseen. I have a color picture like that which definitely shows a face, right in the center of the round-shaped shadow. Those that have awareness, see and study these pictures. Better, yet, come here and see and explore for yourself.


Pictures #15 to #18 are explained on page 14.


#19. Black lines, like poles of rays, are emerging out of the ground. There are faces chained in the rays, and the same thing is in #20 and #21. #20 was taken at Canyon Lake. There is no explanation for it, for all I could see was a very bright light. I was only able to take a picture toward the ground but not up where the light was coming from. In the background is where the dam is located. Also, you will note the mountain that is in the shape of a "heart", as looked at from this angle. It appears to be in the shape of a heart or an arrowhead, but pointing to what?

#22. This is at the top of the Peralta Pass where you will get a beautiful view of Weaver's Needle, as well as being awed by thebeauty†, strength and massiveness of the wilderness. It's like you absorb the strength of the mountain by standing on top of it. As you stand on top, at this point, you can't help but be awed by the wonders of nature. If you look closely, Weaver's Needle appears like an elephant.


#23. The original picture, described on page 2, shows more that this enlarged picture. There is a large, dark cloud formation over the car and a window is above it. This dark cloud is filled with spirits looking down on my daughter. The enlarge picture gives you a better view of the complete spirit form of the boy who, I am sure, was Mike.

#24. This picture of my daughter and her girlfriend was taken some time in May of 1948 at Saginaw, Michigan. Between the heads of the two girls is the face of a young girl in the spirit world with a wreath around her head. Note, further, that the spirit child has a chain of many spirits rising above her head. Also, the girl carrying the flowers has the transfiguration of a face on the top of her head.

Transfiguration is what happens when spirits are around a person and becomes attuned to them. The people involved in pictures of transfiguration appear to have enlarged foreheads. That is, the "psychic" attunement is transferred over the person by materialization of spirit substances which are often called ectoplasm.

#25. This was taken, in color, on the same day as picture #8 (mirage). I had just returned from the Superstition Mts. and came into



my house with my camera still in my hand. I had an urge to take a picture and had a trance-like sensation. I didn't see anything in particular but felt aware that I should take a picture toward the lamp. I used a ten second time-exposure, without a flashbulb, to take this one picture of the scene.

My daughter is sitting on the right, her husband is on her left, and the rest are spirit forms. In front of the drapes is the form of a smiling woman who might possibly be of an aunt that I had. As you look closer, you can see a leg, or arm, coming out to the right of her mid-section. Below the arm is a portion of a woman's body dressed in a light, shiny skirt.

#26. This picture, taken in March of 1968, is unusual, and I cannot find any way in which to explain the presence of the flag that is draped over the back of the seat. I took four other people with me to the Queen Valley area, along with all the necessary items for a picnic. We parked by the side of the road, on the old Florence Hwy., and took out our chairs and food. I attempted to take my friend's little black dog out, also, but he just wanted to lay there in the car.

At the same time, I was impressed to take a picture of the dog, but I wasn't sure he would show up without a flashbulb (he didn't). Anyway, I always follow my impressions and the developed picture showed a large flag draped over the back seat. The flag was deep purple with some stars on it of a very light blue. There is, also, a large cluster of the same color of blue rays and has the appearance of a larger star. The original picture is more clear and seems to have a face in the center with some red radiation, or reflection, on this flag. I can find no explanation of why this flag is shown. Perhaps, there may be such a flag in the spirit world, or it could be some flag of the Peralta (spanish), or something?

Later, the same day, I went up on the mountains and received an "apport" from spirit in the the form of an arrowhead. As I climbed further, I came face to face with a four foot rattler. It was unusual for a rattler to come out this early, but there it was, right at my feet. I found myself in a semi-trance state and, somehow, I shot it, twice. While so doing, I actually saw the bullets come out of the barrel of the gun and pass through its neck. Time seemed to stand still, as if everything was in slow motion, for I could see the bullets move from the gun to the rattler. I felt extreme calm, as if I was separated from the whole episode.

#27. In Sept. of 1980, I took three different color pictures which all had similar golden green energy or spirit forms near the people having their picture taken. Debra granted me permission to use the picture of her in my book. Pictures like this are only additional proof that there is another unseen hidden world in existence of another dimension, right beside our own. It shows that, wherever I go, I constantly see the spirits of the hidden world and that I can take pictures of them whenever I put my attention to it.




See # 28-29
I have presented 36 pictures of the hidden world in this book. The front cover presents two pictures of a mirage seen on page 36 (#7) and explained on Page 35 & 37. The small picture shows a church in the ghost town of Mogollon, N.M., taken on Sept. 23, 1978, around 4 PM. Three other people were along with me that day and each had their own camera, and I had two. I took 54 pictures and 46 of them showed something of the paranormal world, including ten pictures of a UFO which I saw and photographed at 3:35 PM as it hovered over the ghost town. I encouraged the others with me to take pictures of this object, but they didn't see it and, so, didn't take any pictures of it. They didn't believe me, but after my pictures were developed, then, they believed that I do see and am able to photograph UFO and the Hidden World.

Superimposed over the church picture are four different types of UFO in the Hidden World. I saw the bright light in the upper left corner which showed in our world in a dimensional state. I did not see the other three, but I was aware of the fact that lights radiated out over the church and myself. Above the cross on the church is a "window" with panes. That window is divided into four panes which I call a carpet effect, very similar to an oriental carpet. These four separated panes are of four different worlds in the interdimensional, and there are four types of transportation ships (UFO), also.

One UFO has a shadow effect superimposed over the entire window and upper part of church. Next, over the right side of that same window, you can see a portion of a transparent glass saucer-shaped ship. Below, and in the left center, is another larger window. In it is shown a bell-shaped saucer. At the far left, also, are more window panes in a light blue color. Here, beyond a doubt, is more than four different types of "WORLDS", and they do transport into the same wavelengths, but on a different time level. This picture can be considered a "mirage", and it is definitely "FANTASTIC"!


I'll present a brief explanation of my background, and this should be of interest to the Astrologers and Numerologists (They are the Two Witnesses, as mentioned in the book of Revelation). Some general times and dates of some of the many experiences will give you some idea about myself and, possibly, and understanding of my encounters with the unseen world.

I was born on Wed., March 26, 1919, just after 4:45 AM in Saginaw, Michigan, of French Canadian desent†. Being born is one thing, but becoming "aware" is another. My first "awareness" was on May 17, 1919, but my first "full awareness" happened when I was about seven months old, sitting in a high chair. Then, my first vision was when I was just learning to walk around 14 months of age. Other dates and times can be checked on by some of the pictures which you find within these covers.


One interesting experience that I had was seeing a large yellow, glowing object nearly hit what is, now, called the Mott Bank Building in Flint Michigan. This was in early June, 1938, and it made exciting news in all the papers in Detroit and Michigan for a week.

In late May, or early June, 1943, I took my first clear spirit photograph (see #23). At about the same time, I had to drive to Detroit, and some time after I left Grand Blanc, Mich. (after 1 AM) I remember absolutely nothing whatsoever until I found myself 30 to 35 miles away, near Birmingham, Mich., slumped over the steering wheel and stopped on the dividing medium. It would have been impossible, if I had gone to sleep, to safely drive through Pontiac, Mich. with all its traffic and light, which I would have had to do in order to arrive at the place where I "awoke". I often think about this occurence† and wonder what happened.


I am available for taking psychic photography anywhere in the world, any time you wish to investigate, explore or search for any reason which you might have in mind, personal or otherwise. The resulting pictures will, also, have to analyzed to determine what they show and what to do with them (such as mineral deposits, lost treasures, etc.). Remember, too, that treasures sometimes have to be exorcised to rid it of some ghost that is guarding it, with evil intent against intruders.

Some places that would be interesting for me to photograph might be those such as the Bermuda Triangle, Mexico City, Peru, or the Vatican. There are hundreds of others which I would like to explore and conquer, too.

Anyone interested in a slide illustrated talk about the Hidden World and UFOs, or lectures on various prophecies and other subjects, are asked to contact me and let me know what you prefer to have demonstrated. Information on request.




Getting this book completed and published was as difficult as climbing a greased pole. Printers seemed to be unable to reproduce my unusual pictures, and everyone's† attitude was one of passing the buck and trying to lay the blame at another's† door. We know that in the Hidden World they do "tamper" with anyone's† intention to reveal the existence of these seen and unseen worlds, whether in the underworld of the caverns below or in the caverns of space where they exist in the worlds beyond.

Tamper comes from what are called deros or drugas - the evil ones that are earthbound and have no conscience or compassion for anything, not even themselves. Furthermore, they use mortals for indulging their own whims and to cover up their existence. In many cases, they disguise themselves as a good spirits† while, actually, they are "black" ones and are dangerous to all human life in the physical world. In this sense of tamper, mortals are "impressed" by the evil ones and are being used to cause mortals to do less than the good job they were "hired" to do. So, tamper has effected the printing and much of the work is sloppy. For this reason, this book has had many setbacks during the process and should have been completed much sooner.

I have had to redo some of the pictures, reprinting them at extra cost, etc., in order to present my pictures to the readers. Some pictures could not be reproduced, due to the nature of the pictures, such as #9, so, in order to replace them, I have added four more pictures to this book at the last minute. See page 47, which explained picture #29, telling about the printing of it not being able to make the UFO more sharp in detail like the original.

Picture #28 is incredible evidence of the hidden world with many beings within an etherian or spirit being, but the printing of it could not bring in all the sharp detail from the original color print. This being is a "globe" with faces in and outside of the globe, itself. My impression is that they have a center of operation (UFO bases) within these New Mexico Black Range mountains where the picture was taken.

Inside Back Cover

Outside Back Cover

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  1. Don’t get me started on how this read resonates with me. It’s sad to hear that Charles had passed away before any great leaps had been made. I hope I can make him proud, for I am young and drawn towards the Superstition through an internal voice. I even have a theory that fits Charles’ theory like a glove. Thank you for this insight so many answers of mine have been now finally answered.