Friday, March 28, 2014

Lorene Marcoux: Alive and Kickin'

A couple weeks ago, I sent a letter off to a person who may or may not have been Uncle Charlie's second wife. It was a long shot; right person but an old address, different Lorene Marcoux, right Lorene and right address but physically or mentally incapable of corresponding. In short, I wasn't all that hopeful. Well, I received a card in yesterday's mail with the following written inside:

Dear Richard

It keeps surprising me that people still know about Charles after he's been gone for 30 years.

I could be mistaken, but I think (?) the name of Frost was associated with Charles' first wife's family. Maybe!

Anyhow, I will put a package together for you of some of Charles' pictures, writings, and write a personal letter about his personal life, in time.

Right now, I'm preparing for family to visit me soon. Then, please be patient with me. Everything I do takes about three times longer than it used to because I'm 85 yrs old. However, I will get it done eventually.

Charles was a special person and so very talented in the psychic realm. He was the wisest and most kind and loving person that I ever knew! I feel so blessed that he chose me to share his life!

Lorene Marcoux

Holy crap....

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