Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Second Letter to Lorene

I didn't keep a copy of my initial letter to Lorene. At the time I thought it was a long shot; now that the long shot has paid off, I wish I had done so. In any case, here is my response, which I mailed out today, to the card she sent (postmarked March 24, 2014):
Dear Lorene,

First, a huge THANK YOU for the package of Charles' work. Take all the time you need; I'm just thrilled that his work is still around and that I was able to find you.

You are correct regarding my relationship to Charles. His first wife was my father's half sister. (I just learned about the "half" part a few days ago; it's amazing what you find when you start flipping over those old stones of family history! :-)

I was never clear on just what Charles did when I was young. I knew he made many drawings and maybe had a few articles published, but all my parents would tell me was that they were some sort of "strange" science fiction stuff and change the subject. I was completely blown away to find hundreds of people on the internet who knew Charles, or knew of him, who have copies of his articles or his book. There is even one young man who is trying to put together a team and the funding to explore Blowing Cavern in Charles' memory. I seems like I find someone else every day that has been influenced in some way by Charles' life or his writings.

Again, I cannot thank you enough for your help. I hope you have an enjoyable visit with your family.

Richard Frost
I've also stumbled across yet-another name of someone that has at least met Lorene, and may have know Uncle Charley as well. More when I know more.

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